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Saturday October 15th 2022 - You’ve Never Had It So Good! Britain 1945 – c.1970 (Programme and Booking Form)

About Day Schools:

The day schools are held in the St Mary’s House, Market Hill. Woodbridge. Car parking is by the station which is 400 yards away. They start at 9-30 am and end at 4-30pm. Lunch is from 12.30 to 2.00 pm. You can bring a picnic to eat in the hall, or try The Bull Hotel, The Wild Strawberry Café, The King’s Head or The Angel all on Market Hill, or any of the establishments on the Thoroughfare. Coffee and tea are available in the hall all day free of charge. The cost of the day school is £25 per person.

All day schools are led by university lecturers.

The current series of day schools started in March 2012 with ‘Lady Margaret Beaufort and the Origins of |Tudor England.’ It was followed by:-

Fires of Faith in Tudor England 1520-60.

Vivat, Vivat, Regina. The Life and Times if Elizabeth I.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

Brother Killing Days. By the Sword Divided 1603-50.

The English Republic from Commonwealth to Restoration 1649-60

From Restoration to Revolution: England 1660-89

Whigs, Tories and Jacobites: Britain 1689-1714

Jacobites and Hanoverians : Britain 1714 – 1760

The American War of Independence: Britain's Last Civil War

The French Revolution: Liberty and its Crimes

The Napoleonic Wars: France’s Bid for Global Power

Revolution, Riots and Reform. Britain 1815-32

Workshop of the World! Britain 1832-1880

Wider Still and Wider! Britain 1880–1914

Pack Up Your Troubles: Britain 1914-1918

The Long Armistice: Britain 1919 – 1939

The People's War? Britain 1939 - 1945