About Friends of Woodbridge Museum

The Friends of the Museum is a Registered Charity which is run by a committee elected by the membership of the organization. Currently there are 250 members. The events run by the Friends of the Museum are open to all, not just to members. To obtain full details of the events follow the links on the left. If you have any further questions about the organization please contact the chairman.

Hazel Richards

Tel: 01394 383795

Email: hazel.richards@talktalk.net

Curator’s Corner

A recent visitor to the Museum asked if we knew that the corner at the end of Old Barrack Road, where the Duke of York is now, was known as Prisoners’ (or perhaps Prisoner’s) Camp, around the time of the Second World War. He recollects that the bus conductors (remember them!) used to call it out as the name of the stop at that location.

Does anybody else recall this name or know why the bus stop should be called that? If you do, please get in touch with the Collections Team at enquiries@woodbridgemuseum.com or by phone at 01394 380502.